Monday, January 10, 2011

Mister vs Ball

The other day little Miss came to her daddy with a sad face to ask him to take her ball out of her cup. Which was stuck. Mister went straight into Daddy Save The Day.

1st- He tried to shake the ball out the cup. That didn't work, but funny.

2nd- He got a screwdriver and with the handle part he turned the cup upside down and beat on the bottom of the cup. Still didn't work.

3rd- He turned the cup upside down and ran running water on the bottom of the cup(there are holes on the bottom) and went with the beating on the bottom again, but the ball went deeper in the cup...LOL

At this point I said Sweetie let me try. He turned and say I Got it Nicole. I knew he was getting frustrated. So I continue watching.

On his 4th attempt he tried to pry the ball out with a screwdriver. At this point I said to him "Don't bust the ball with the screwdriver! Since it cost me $6. He just gave me a look. I said again would you let me try? And of course he said I got it. Oh but he didn't have it because the ball was still in the cup. We are now 46 mins in and waiting. A light bulb must have gone off because he ran upstairs, as if he was on a mission. He came down with the baby oil. I quickly said you don't want to use that over the sink because....He cut me off in mid sentence and said Babe I got this. Ok! I Shut up and watch. 

We are on attempt #5(wow)he flip the cup upside down and poured the baby oil on the bottom. Making sure he stay over the sink so he wouldn't get it on the floor. This time he switch it up, he use the screwdriver alone with my rail tail comb to help pry the ball out. Guess what the ball pop out of the cup! He turns and look at me as if saying I did it. Little Miss started to jump up and down saying Daddy did it! Daddy it!

That he did, but the funny thing is when he look down in the sink to get the ball it rolled in the drain in the sink. Now with all that baby oil, it made the ball hard to grasp.  

You know what Mister said " See what you made me do by talking to me" he was for real to. I know me laughing and taking pictures didn't help either., but it was so funny. He dind't want any of my help. If he would have heard me out, the ball wouldn't have been in the drain now.