Friday, January 31, 2014

Holy Hydration


I’m having a LOVE affair with infused water. Since I’ve been on my weight loss journey I’ve struggled here and there with my water intake. Until recently, about 9 weeks ago I came a cross a pin on Pinterest [FYI I’m a pinterest Queen] for infused water. To be honest I really never wanted to try it. I had it in my mind the that it would taste like Gatorade or Vitamin Water. Which I think need sugar. So I decided to give it a try. My first one was cucumber, lemon and mint leaves.  The recipe calls for 6 cups of water, 1 cucumber, 1 lemon and 12 mint leaves. Refrigerate and let it infuse over night.

I have to say I wasn’t a big fan of it at first. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t to bad. After a few days of it instead of regular water. I can’t image life without it. I can say that I only drink infused water now. I drink about a gallon of it a day. I know you should at lease drink half your body weight a day. I go over that with out even realizing it with infused water. I’m so thankful that I tried it. Now I have no problem with water now.

I’m always on the look out for more infuse recipes. This week I’m drinking grapefruit, tangerine, cucumber and spearmint leaves. It’s so delicious.

Take it for me if drinking water everyday is hard, then you should Infuse Your Life With Infused Water!

Do you have a favorite infused water? If so please share. I’m always on the look out for new infused ideas…..

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In Not Losing Weight I’m Getting Rid Of It

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I have been battling with my weight since I can remember. I was 20 when I got a hold of it for the 1st time. I went from 268 to 175. I pretty much maintained my weight up in till I had my 1st baby. After the birth of her I was right back where I started 260. I did lose some of the baby weight over time. I got down to 202.6 and stayed around that for years but I stayed over 200lbs.

Now fast forward to July 17, 2012. I just had my son and was looking down at my hips[which I haven’t seen in months] couldn’t help but to think ‘How Long Is This Going To Take To Get Off”

Right away I wanted to start on the weight lose, because I had to face it, I’m not 21 anymore. I was going to need a lot more effort now that I’m older. As well as it was going to take a lot of Dedication, Determination and Discipline then it did before. Even though I wanted to lose weight I wasn’t motivated to do it. You know if the motivation isn’t there it’s not going to happen. A month or so after having the baby and I took a picture. This wasn’t your normal picture it was the picture that SPARKED THE MOVMENT!! this picture made me say out loud “I’M DONE, NO MORE, NEVER AGAIN, I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE”

From that day on I was Motivated. I had the 3D’s Dedication, Determination and Discipline. I started a clean eating regiment as well as green smoothies and exercised 4 days a week. I have to say I’m proud of myself for sticking to this new life style. As you can see in the pictures below I wasn’t play….

no more  losing x3

The 1st picture was the 1 that motivated this journey. Well it’s not just a journey its a Life Style! The picture in the black is me now. In case you guys was wondering, Yes I’m under 200!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I’m Back


Okay, Okay so I’ve been on a little Hiatus.

2012 was such a busy year for me. I had a big promotion at work which took up a big part of my life. My parents moved to the west coast which means my babysitter is gone. On top of that I was pregnant for 42 weeks. Yes I am now a mother of 2. Which I still can’t believe. Our Daughter was 5 when I found out God was going to bless us with another one. Mister and I both was happy to be expecting, but wasn’t looking forward to what came along with a new born. We just started to enjoy our SLEEP!! If you are a parent you know what I’m talking about. We are in our 30’s now so we are old if you ask us. Forget that “YOUR AS OLD AS YOU FEEL” kids  suck up your youth at any age you are.

On July 17, 2012 at 8:24am, after 14 blissful [more like exhausting and painful] long hours of labor out came Nicholas Zaiden aka Mister Jr! It was such a wonderful moment for me. I had tears of joy for 2 reasons. The 1st being we just had a healthy baby Boy and 2nd I was FREE. I wanted to shout FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST!  I was so happy I wasn’t pregnant anymore. I was even more ecstatic because he was Mister and I last baby.  We are done. I don’t have to do this again[I’m getting watery eyed now]. Two was are magic number. We have are Girl and Boy. The shop is CLOSED, GONE OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

blog waterDSCN0653

I can finally get my body in shape. I’ve been dreaming about this day ever since I started gaining weight. I’m past 30 so it will be a lot harder to get a video VIXENS body [lbvs], but I’m determined and committed to my goal. I started my weight loss journey on July 18th the day after NJ was born. I’ve set my half way goal date for March 10, 2013. Which is my birthday.

I’ve told Mister of my goal to have a video VIXENS body and of course he just looked at me smiled and said Okay Baby. Translation “Yeah Sure, Okay, What Ever You say. You will lose some weight but not enough to have a video VIXENS body” I know that’s what he meant when he said Okay Baby.

So far I’ve lose 64lbs. Which a lot of that was the baby weight. I have a long way to go. I just have to keep reminding myself ONE POUND AT A TIME.

So at this time let me close out this post by asking if you could bow your head and say a pray for me. Asking God to give me strength on my long weight loss journey[lol]…

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mister vs Ball

The other day little Miss came to her daddy with a sad face to ask him to take her ball out of her cup. Which was stuck. Mister went straight into Daddy Save The Day.

1st- He tried to shake the ball out the cup. That didn't work, but funny.

2nd- He got a screwdriver and with the handle part he turned the cup upside down and beat on the bottom of the cup. Still didn't work.

3rd- He turned the cup upside down and ran running water on the bottom of the cup(there are holes on the bottom) and went with the beating on the bottom again, but the ball went deeper in the cup...LOL

At this point I said Sweetie let me try. He turned and say I Got it Nicole. I knew he was getting frustrated. So I continue watching.

On his 4th attempt he tried to pry the ball out with a screwdriver. At this point I said to him "Don't bust the ball with the screwdriver! Since it cost me $6. He just gave me a look. I said again would you let me try? And of course he said I got it. Oh but he didn't have it because the ball was still in the cup. We are now 46 mins in and waiting. A light bulb must have gone off because he ran upstairs, as if he was on a mission. He came down with the baby oil. I quickly said you don't want to use that over the sink because....He cut me off in mid sentence and said Babe I got this. Ok! I Shut up and watch. 

We are on attempt #5(wow)he flip the cup upside down and poured the baby oil on the bottom. Making sure he stay over the sink so he wouldn't get it on the floor. This time he switch it up, he use the screwdriver alone with my rail tail comb to help pry the ball out. Guess what the ball pop out of the cup! He turns and look at me as if saying I did it. Little Miss started to jump up and down saying Daddy did it! Daddy it!

That he did, but the funny thing is when he look down in the sink to get the ball it rolled in the drain in the sink. Now with all that baby oil, it made the ball hard to grasp.  

You know what Mister said " See what you made me do by talking to me" he was for real to. I know me laughing and taking pictures didn't help either., but it was so funny. He dind't want any of my help. If he would have heard me out, the ball wouldn't have been in the drain now.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How Embarrassing...

I know I know, it's has been forever since I have posted anything. I mean my blog look so sad with 3 It's not like I don't have anything to say because I do. The things that this man say and do is off the wall at times but funny. I have to tell someone. Not to mention this little girl is in pre school now and the things she is picking up, and I don't mean school work. I promise myself that I will post more in the New Year. Because this is

I Nicole will from this day forward, will TRY to Blog at least twice a week in 2011. There I said it. Now let me get busy on future post as soon as I post this. On to the next post....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Take A Moment To Say Thanks

A few nights ago I was in bed sleeping away; Until Mister came in our bed room making noise at 12:23am. He laid down for a few mins, and then said Babe you sleep? When I didn't answer you would think that maybe just maybe I was sleep, but not Mister he repeated his question, and then say Babe! Hey Babe! So I turned slowly and look at him! Mister proceeded to say did you notice I mop the kitchen floor when you got home? Then he says because you didn't say anything about it! After a long pause I finally said I'm sorry I intended to say something to you about it, but I was in such a rush to get dinner started after I got home from work. You would think that my reply was good enough right? So now I can go back to sleep right? Well it wasn’t!

It’s now 12:47am. And he is telling me he had trouble finding cleaner for the floor or what to use on the hardwood. Yes He really thinks I want to hear all this. I LOVE MY Husband but he likes to give me blow by blow of what he considers important parts to the story. Which is fine but not at 12:52am and I have to be at work at 6am.

Mister is now asking me if I'm Thankful That My Wonderful Husband mop the floor and I didn’t have to ask him. So at this point I should smile and say yes thank you and add a sweet thank you kiss. I had to think fast! Because what I wanted to say was, Ok SO YOU MOP ONE FLOOR IN 6YRS! It still don't compare to what I do around here with a full time job. But I should THANK YOU. Do you THANK ME when you go into the kitchen an get something to eat and drink? Because it wasn't Magic that put that in there! How about them clean clothes you keep putting on, who do you think wash, fold and put it away, the maid? Oh wait we don't have one. Not one time do I ask you to thank me I assume u appreciates it. But noooo you just had to wake me up at 12:23am and now its 1:34am just so I can say THANK YOU.

Of course I didn't say all that, I was thinking that in my head. I look at him with a smile and I told him Thanks so much sweetie for cutting my end of the night cleaning time down so I can spend more time with you and the baby. Then I gave him a sweet Thank You kiss. He was happy with my reply and rolled over and went to sleep.

See I decide that I’m going to be a Peacemaker in our marriage and in my home. It is a choice that I made. We all can choose to be peacemakers. I'm sure there are situation in your marriage or relationship when you had to LET IT GO! How is easy is that for you or is it something you’re still working on?