Sunday, October 17, 2010

Take A Moment To Say Thanks

A few nights ago I was in bed sleeping away; Until Mister came in our bed room making noise at 12:23am. He laid down for a few mins, and then said Babe you sleep? When I didn't answer you would think that maybe just maybe I was sleep, but not Mister he repeated his question, and then say Babe! Hey Babe! So I turned slowly and look at him! Mister proceeded to say did you notice I mop the kitchen floor when you got home? Then he says because you didn't say anything about it! After a long pause I finally said I'm sorry I intended to say something to you about it, but I was in such a rush to get dinner started after I got home from work. You would think that my reply was good enough right? So now I can go back to sleep right? Well it wasn’t!

It’s now 12:47am. And he is telling me he had trouble finding cleaner for the floor or what to use on the hardwood. Yes He really thinks I want to hear all this. I LOVE MY Husband but he likes to give me blow by blow of what he considers important parts to the story. Which is fine but not at 12:52am and I have to be at work at 6am.

Mister is now asking me if I'm Thankful That My Wonderful Husband mop the floor and I didn’t have to ask him. So at this point I should smile and say yes thank you and add a sweet thank you kiss. I had to think fast! Because what I wanted to say was, Ok SO YOU MOP ONE FLOOR IN 6YRS! It still don't compare to what I do around here with a full time job. But I should THANK YOU. Do you THANK ME when you go into the kitchen an get something to eat and drink? Because it wasn't Magic that put that in there! How about them clean clothes you keep putting on, who do you think wash, fold and put it away, the maid? Oh wait we don't have one. Not one time do I ask you to thank me I assume u appreciates it. But noooo you just had to wake me up at 12:23am and now its 1:34am just so I can say THANK YOU.

Of course I didn't say all that, I was thinking that in my head. I look at him with a smile and I told him Thanks so much sweetie for cutting my end of the night cleaning time down so I can spend more time with you and the baby. Then I gave him a sweet Thank You kiss. He was happy with my reply and rolled over and went to sleep.

See I decide that I’m going to be a Peacemaker in our marriage and in my home. It is a choice that I made. We all can choose to be peacemakers. I'm sure there are situation in your marriage or relationship when you had to LET IT GO! How is easy is that for you or is it something you’re still working on?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Door That Never Closes

Every day I come home the first things I do is hug and kiss my lil girl and give Mister a kiss hello. Then I head to the kitchen to get dinner started. Once it's started I head up stairs to change clothes.
With every step I take the stress of my work day go away. With a smile I walk down the hall towards our bedroom. As I extend my hand out to open our bedroom door, with the knob still in my hand with my free hand I turn on the light (because he hasn’t opened the curtains all day). I see the bed isn’t made, he let our lil girl play in our room so there are toys and pillows and books and balls and dolls and old cell phones all over the floor in our room. He likes to watch TV in bed and doesn’t want her to be far away from him so he let her play in our room. This way he doesn’t have to get up out of bed. But that’s not the problem (it is a problem but not in this post). So I start to pick up all the crap off the floor. When I look to my right what a surprise the freaking closet door is WIDE OPEN AGAIN!

Mister love to leave our closet open every single day. I just don't get it. He closes every other door in the house except the closet door. Every room he walks out of or into, he closes the door. I could be walking directly behind him and right before I cross the threshold he start to close the door!  It really gets on my nerves. Even at night before bed he goes into the closet for some reason and sure enough he walk out of the closet turn off the light in there but leave the door open. Then he gets in bed. I ask are you done in the closet. He replies yeah! Then why did you leave the door open? He gets up as if I upset him and close the door. We go through this every night he is off.
I know it’s a small thing that is why I don’t trip off it, at all to him. It’s just that, I know he knows it bother me but he do it anyway. Now am I’m wrong for wanting him to close the door?  What are some of the small things your better half does that bugs you?


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About Mister's Wife

I take it you want to know a little bit about Mister's Wife.

Please allow me to introduce myself, My name is Nicole. I'm a thirty something young Wife and Mommy. I'm a positive person(let know one steal my joy), I've been told I'm funny, I like to keep people smiling, I encourage others, I help those who want to help them self's, I have a full time career and I work hard for whatever I have. God has truly Bless me and my family.

I love being a Mommy. Still find it hard to believe that I'm someone's Mother. I Married my Husband in July 2005, and let me say I LOVE MY HUSBAND(you hear me Mister). Since becoming his Wife my life as become so much more then I could image. Being a Wife takes a lot of work, more work then being a mom if you ask me. When you have a baby you raise that child from birth to adulthood, you mold this young life to what you feel is right. When you Marry your Husband he is already molded.

 I only dreamed of the Wedding and not the Marriage. Once I said "I Do" I had know idea I was becoming more then just his Wife. I have to say after living with Mister for 3 weeks 2 days 6 hrs and 13 min's, All I knew for sure was My Husband Didn't Come With A Manual!

I decided to start this blog cause there has to be other Wives that feel the way I do. Their Husband also should have came with a manual. We can work together at understanding our Husbands. Give one another tips on Marriage, Relationships even Motherhood. Join me as I tell you all the joys of being Mister's Wife.